One Huge Collection vs Few Collections

I’m in a middle of the data modeling for my new project where the transactions of different payment types are handled. Payment Types - Credit Card(80% of the total volume), Direct Debit(15% of the total volume), Invoice(5% of the total volume). We are predicting the total volume to be upto 5Million per day. Each transaction(document) is about 2Kb in size.
I would like to know the pros and cons of having all the transactions(documents) of all the payment types in one huge collection vs the transactions(documents) of each payment type in separate collections(like creditCardCollection, directDebitCollection, invoiceCollection).
Any input is greatly appreciated.

It depends on how you will be using the data. If you will be querying against all payments without knowing the type or grouping together across different types, then you should absolutely have them in a single collection. I’m having trouble thinking of advantages of putting different types of payment into different collections, to be honest.


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