One day at a time, the learning journey

I just want to keep posting about my excitement :dizzy: with MongoDB, compass :compass: , Realm :japanese_castle: and Atlas :atom_symbol:. I have been able to learn so much and even build some cool things and be able to document the journey in side projects too! This is farther than I’ve ever been! Pressing in… Today, in my #100daysofcode journey, I took my portfolio from red to Mongo Green to reflect the theme of what I am currently building things out with…It just made sense to me :thought_balloon:, and added the projects I have been working on through the journey in MongoDB University and the Jumpstart series as well as many other helpful blogs and readings. Here is the current progress. New Mongo Themed Portfolio YAY! The Tech Store that we are building with @Jesse_Hall today we are working on the search and auto-completion of our app, we have already brought in our products and can select each one individually by using Realm and just two serverless functions.:lab_coat:…it’s the very first project on there because it will be the one I am most proud of … Thanks Jesse!
I’m still working through the MongoDB course curriculum the best that I can as well.


I am newbie too in this journey

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