On my Mac, mongosh is found, but mongo is not

I have mongodb community 6.0.0 installed.

The command mongo is not found.

The command mongosh is working.

mongosh --version

Mongosh is the way to the future. The mongo command line interface is being phased out.

mongo is not being included with 6.0 release.

As Steeve states, mongosh is the tool to use now and (almost) anything you were able to do with the older mongo command line you can do with `mongosh. The documentation does have this message on it:

Currently mongosh supports a subset of the mongo shell methods. Achieving feature parity between mongosh and the mongo shell is an ongoing effort.

Most, if not all, of the functionality you use in day to day interactions. I’ve not run into anything that I couldn’t do in mongosh, but I’m sure there are still some lesser used items that haven’t made their way into mongosh.