ODBC data truncated due to overflow error Power BI Connector

I connected to a client collection with the Power BI Atlas SQL (Beta) connector. I received the following error on 2 fields
OLE DB or ODBC error: [Expression.Error] Data source error occurred. SQLSTATE: 22003 NativeError: 0 Error message: ODBC: ERROR [22003] [MongoDB][API] integral data “3350717864” was truncated due to overflow.
Has anyone encountered a similar message. Is there a maximum value that is allowed from a field? Or is there some internal casting of data types and an error being thrown as the result of the cast is leading to truncation?
If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

Hi @JASON_BOUGAS welcome to the community! Quick question - where/when are you getting this error? Is it after connection but within Power Query? You mention it is on 2 fields, does the column say “error” then you received this message when clicking on “error”. What is the data type of these 2 fields? And do you think the data (and data type) within these fields differs greatly between documents?

I will see if there is a known max value. You might also want to Get or Generate the SQL Schema for this collection to see if the assigned data type of these fields makes sense.

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