O-Fish Sandbox creating a user with a field officer role

I created an account in the sandbox and I tried to create a new “field officer” user role, but I’m currently getting a 403 on the ‘call’ api.

Sandbox: https://wildaidsandbox-mxgfy.mongodbstitch.com/
My admin user: joquendo

When I try to add a new user, the register API completes , but the call api Returns a 403 with the following response:

        "error":"insert not permitted",

Do I need to change some settings in order to create a new user?

I am attempting to create new users to look into https://github.com/WildAid/o-fish-web/issues/204


{"name":"insertOne","service":"mongodb-atlas","arguments":[{"collection":"User","database":"wildaid","document":{"email":"lafieldofficer@lamda.com","name":{"first":"asdf","last":"lkj"},"active":true,"userGroup":"User Group","createdOn":{"$date":{"$numberLong":"1602007707341"}},"agency":{"name":"joquendo","admin":false},"global":{"admin":false},"_id":{"$oid":"5f7cb29bd86f74790d9a72d3"}}}]}



Hi James,

Thanks for alerting us to this - we were able to replicate this. We are also getting similar errors when logging in as a user and trying to add a boarding record in the app. We are looking into the problem - it’s not anything you did or can change, it’s affecting all users of the instance.

Hopefully we’ll have this fixed soon, I’ll let you know when we do!


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Hi @James_Oquendo - @Andrew_Morgan has fixed this issue - you should be able to create a user now (I was able to, when I wasn’t before!) .

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This is working for me now too. Thank you.


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