NYC AI Hackathon with Modal

Interested in building AI applications, meeting local innovators, and winning some cool prizes? MongoDB and Modal are excited to bring together a group of builders for a day-long Hackathon in New York City on Saturday, August 26th.

Come hack with the NYC AI community, try new frameworks, and ship code that brings your most ambitious ideas to reality. There will be prizes, food, and speakers/workshops (along with free credits and early access to products). All ideas welcome.

Spots are limited, so check out the details and register ASAP: NYC AI Hackathon · Luma


1st overall: Modal AirPod Maxes and Modal Patagonia jackets
2nd overall: Vercel AirPods and Modal Patagonia Jackets
3rd overall: Amazon Fire bundles
Best use of MongoDB: Meta Quest 2
Best use of Cohere API: DJI Drone set
Most likely to become a business: Ramp AirPods
Best LLM application: Langchain sweatshirts
Best frontend: $1500 Vercel credits
…and more!

Special thanks to our: MongoDB, Cohere, AWS, Langchain, ElevenLabs, Ramp, and Vercel.

​9:30am-10pm Saturday, August 26th, 2023
​MongoDB, New York City

  • Hackers are encouraged to form groups of 2-4 beforehand (please have each member register individually!). We will also set up a channel to reach out to other approved hackers to help form teams.

  • Please note that this is an in-person event and we are unable to support remote teams


Event Type: In-Person
Location: MongoDB HQ,1633 Broadway 38th floor, New York, NY 10019, United States


What’s the hackathon schedule?