NOT able to view collections in Mongo Compasss

I have created a collection in VS-Code using thunder client but I am unable to view that collection in Mongodb compass

Hi @Utkarsha_Nikam
Did you sign in and authenticate with the same user in Compass as you did in your code connection string? Did you insert any data to the collection or just create it?

Can you share a code snippet you used in VS Code?

Yes I have inserted data too. As you can see in SS that I am not getting inotebook collection instead of that data is getting add into ‘test DB’ under ‘user’ collection , but it should be under inotebook

vs code

I see this is posting to /auth/createUser is this API Posted to the users collection or the inotebook collection?

Can you show the code you are using for the API request to connect to MongoDB as well?

Thanks a lot for help , I got it actually I haven’t putted the right collection name while connecting to MongoDB

Awesome! Glad you got it fixed