Not able to use _id in a lookup pipeline

I have two collections projects and products, where products has a field project, which refers to the projects._id field.

I am using this aggregation $lookup to find the products that belong to a specific project

  from: 'products',
  let: { id: '$_id'},
  pipeline: [{
    $match: { project: '$$id' }
  as: 'products'

the resulting products field is always empty, and I don’t understand why.

(I know I can use the other $lookup variant with foreignField localField, but I think I need the pipeline because I want to add more clauses to the $match)

Is your field in the products collection really named project?

yes, I am a afraid it is.

I just when back to documentation at and found:


To reference variables in pipeline stages, use the "$<variable>" syntax.

The let variables can be accessed by the stages in the pipeline, including additional $lookup stages nested in the pipeline .

Special attention to the sentence A $match stage requires the use of an $expr operator to access the variables.


Thank you, it works now.

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