Not able to shard a collection of a db on local machine

[direct: mongos] umbraco> sh.shardCollection("umbraco.contents", { "parentId": "hashed" })
MongoServerError: No keys found for HMAC that is valid for time: { ts: Timestamp(1690092491, 1) } with id: 0
[direct: mongos] test> show dbs;
Client is not properly authorized to propagate mayBypassWriteBlocking

Please help, Thanks in advance

Hi @asheesh_prajapti

What version are you using?

Can you check that the time on all the hosts is in sync.

@chris Thanks for your reply, while fixing above issue now I am stuck with another problem. Now mongos command get stuck so I am not able to start query router server now.
/etc/mongs.conf content is below

  configDB: config/,,
  keyFile: /var/lib/mongodb/mongodb.key
  bindIp: localhost,
  port: 26000
  destination: file
  path: /var/db/logs/mongos.log
  logAppend: true
  fork: true

file /var/lib/mongodb/mongodb.key has permission of root user with access sudo chown mongodb:mongodb /var/lib/mongodb/mongodb.key

Hi @asheesh_prajapti

Is the configDB replicaSet initialised yet? Mongos is likely waiting until it is.

Check in the log file, there should be some information on what is happening.