Not able to get performance data as Admin in the performance tab of Compass

I am accessing my self hosted MongoDB 6 via Compass as Admin.

The Performance tab does not populate.

What privileges/roles could I be lacking ?


Hi @Robert_Alexander,
Since it is your own server, I would say give administrator privileges on each database, so:


I think I tried doing what you kindly suggested but failing :frowning:

In mongosh I did:

use admin

Hi @Robert_Alexander ,
In which database you’ve created the user?
In your connection string is set the correct db, for a correct authentication?


admin> show users
    _id: 'admin.admin',
    userId: new UUID("4bfc7477-b0a5-4108-bcc5-c3dfae401d0b"),
    user: 'admin',
    db: 'admin',
    roles: [
      { role: 'readWriteAnyDatabase', db: 'admin' },
      { role: 'userAdminAnyDatabase', db: 'admin' },
      { role: 'dbAdminAnyDatabase', db: 'admin' }
    mechanisms: [ 'SCRAM-SHA-1', 'SCRAM-SHA-256' ]