Not able to execute rs.reconfigForPSASet via mongo java driver

Hi Team,

I am using mongo java driver 3.12.9 and server as mongo 5.0.15 in PSA replica set.

I did not find any API or method to execute rs.reconfigForPSASet command in mongo driver.

Kindly help for the same!


Hey @Kapil_Gupta,

Welcome to the MongoDB Community forums :sparkles:

The rs.reconfigForPSASet is a mongosh method, and thus may not have a direct equivalent in the Java driver. While the driver is intended for data access and manipulation, and rs.reconfigForPSASet is an administrative command. Therefore, it’s recommended to run such administrative commands using the mongosh shell, instead of using the driver to do so.

Additionally, for my own understanding, would you please explain why you’re not running the command from mongosh?