Not able to enable change stream on Documentdb 4.0 (Mongodb Compatiblity) the database and collection

Hi I am using Documentdb:4.0 (Mongodb Compatiblity)and Using Mongosh: 1.8.0. I was using admin command to enable change stream on a database/collection . I am getting the error as shown below:
MongoServerError: Feature not supported: modifyChangeStreams

I am using db command :db.adminCommand({ modifyChangeStreams: 1, database: “cache_reservas”, collection: “”, enable: true });

So mongo employees also have to use this forum to ask questions?

@Kunal_Shanbagh this seems to be a DocumentDB-specific problem. In general, mongosh and the other tools are not tested with DocumentDB so given that it is well known that it is far from being fully compatible with MongoDB it’s not surprising that some functionality breaks.

In this case, however, the error is a server error, so it might be DocumentDB that in fact does not like the command you are sending it.


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