Normalized data duplication is fine? or should I use events between services for the Database per service - Microservice Architecture

Hello, I am trying to build an app with “Database per service - Microservice Architecture Pattern”. I have 3 major services,

  1. User
  2. Internal Forum
  3. External Forum

Both internal and external forum services have a dependency on the user service. What approach should I use to provide the user information of createdBy & moderators with the topics get API?

  1. Send events to user service to retrieve the user data

Should I need to store the reference in the respective services and retrieve them with events when it is needed for the view as demonstrated below diagram?

  1. Or should I need to save the normalized user data in the corresponding databases to avoid event latencies as demonstrated below diagram.

If so duplicating the same data across different databases is not an issue?

Please help me resolve this riddle. Thanks in advance.

Pls find the normalized data flow chart here