Nodejs mongodb driver@^5.3.0" blocking API calls

Hello team,

I am using nodejs mongodb driver 5.3.0.
Please can you help me with sample program for below functionalities. THe only thing is I need blocking calls and not async call.

  1. Check if DB exisits
  2. Create DB
  3. Create collection
  4. Insert document
  5. Read document

It looks like most of this has been already answered with

What is missing is


The Nodejs mongodb driver form “5.3.0” upholds obstructing Programming interface calls. This implies that while an obstructing call is made, it will hinder the execution of some other code until the call has finished. It is essential to take note of that impeding calls can adversely affect the general presentation of your application. Thusly, it is suggested that you use non-hindering tasks any place workable for better versatility and responsiveness of your application.