NodeJS driver warnings: the options [xxxx] is not supported

The NodeJS driver logs the following warnings whenever an instance of a client reconnects after a connection has been closed:

the options [servers] is not supported
the options [caseTranslate] is not supported
the options [dbName] is not supported


    const client = new MongoClient(uri, mongoClientOptions);
    async function awesomeConnect() {
      await client.connect();
      await client.close();
      await client.connect();

My implementation differs from the above code example, but the example above will have the same result.

MongoDB NodeJS driver version: 3.6.3.


  • Is logging these warnings the expected behaviour or is this a bug?

  • If so, can these warnings be ignored?

EDIT: This is related to . The difference is that I explicitly disconnect before calling connect a second time on the same instance of MongoClient.