Node JS "let" command questions / quirks


Will someone please point me to the Mongo documentation for the “let” command?

Seems to be used to execute a dB call to set a cursor like “let result = await companiesCollection.updateOne(documentToUpdate, updateEmployees)”

Seems to be used to set a variable value: let documentToUpdate = {“name”:“Zvents”}
However, the “const” command is also used to set a variable value:
const update = { $inc: { balance: 100 }}
Why have two ways to do the same thing?



Not 2, but 3.

Using let, vs const vs var has absolutely nothing to do with MongoDB.

They are pure JavaScript concepts.

You may start with

  1. let - JavaScript | MDN,
  2. const - JavaScript | MDN
  3. and var - JavaScript | MDN

Thanks Steeve. Oh, so let, const and var are JavaScript concepts. Thanks for the links!

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