Node.js driver backward compatibility

The latest version of the node.js driver for mongoDB is not compatible with MongoDB 3.2:

Backwards compatibility support should be implemented.

[COMPASS-5586] Compass MongoDB compatibility - MongoDB Jira


Hi @Nestor_Waldyd, thank you for your suggestion.

MongoDB 3.2 was EOLed a long time ago (in Sep 2018).

For Compass to be compatible with such an old version of MongoDB, we’d have to put in place workarounds for functionality that was not in the server or in the drivers that were compatible with 3.2 and this would result in a worse user experience.

If you still need to work with MongoDB 3.2, I would recommend downloading an old version of Compass (all our releases are available at Releases · mongodb-js/compass · GitHub).

Similarly, if you are looking for a version of the Node.js driver that works with 3.2, you can install an old version of the driver.

From the screenshots you shared, I assume you are using CosmosDB. I think you might be able to configure it to be 3.6 compatible but even with that it will support a very limited subset of the MongoDB API so Compass might not work in the most optimal way.

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