No schema view in Community Compass?

The lecture goes through the schema view, but I don’t have this view in my compass. I see documents, aggregations, explain plan, and index tabs. Was the schema view removed in recent updates?

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You have to use stable version
Please check our forums

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I am having same issues. don’t have schema.

I am using stable version 1.18.0 and there is no schema view showing

You should be able to see it
May be it is not stable version?

Mine is very old but still i have it

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I have version 1.18.0.

I definitely downloaded the correct version, in the list of choices given in the download center dropdown.

The schema is not showing.

There is no way for me to tell if I actually got the right version with this Compass open. It doesn’t say “Stable” or whatever. Just the version #.

Is there any way to tell which version this is FROM WITHIN THE ACTUAL PROGRAM.

I would suggest that this is an improvement that is GREATLY needed both for students and for actual use of the product.

I AM IN YOUR FORUM(S). Which forum do you mean if I’m supposed to “check our forum.”

You must be explicit in order to be helpful.

In addition, in the helpful Help->MongoDB Compass Overview popup, it explicitly shows the Schema on tab three of the carousel of “helpful” information.

So far that I can tell there is no information that suggests I HAVEN’T downloaded the correct (i.e. Stable) version of the program.

Hi Constance_Hirsch_36458

I am referring to this forum only

Please check this link

[NOTICE] Please Install Compass Stable not Compass Community

You have to choose latest stable version

Yes from help–>about compass it won’t show
Also check this

It clearly shows stable in brackets for appropriate OS

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Hi @Constance_Hirsch_36458,

In order to be able to follow through the course, you are required to have installed the stable version of the Compass.

If you have installed the 1.18.0 (stable) version of the compass then you should be able to see this when you click on “About MongoDB Compass”.


If you have installed the community version then you would be seeing something like this :

Please check the following post for downloading the latest version of the Compass and viewing the schema of the collections:

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

I have the tab Schema in Compass Stable (namely 1.18.0 (Stable) has been downloaded and installed) but after analyzing the schema the tab itself shows nothing

First couple of times schema was displayed as expected. Then - nothing. Restart, reinstall - in vain. Documents are displayed correctly though.

Any ideas?

Hi @tory_61838,

We are currently facing issues in the Schema Analysis for Compass and we are in process of fixing it.
I would recommend you to proceed further with the course and if for some query you are not able to find results in Compass, you can use Mongo Shell.

Please let me now, if you have any questions.


hello ^^ friends i was facing the same problem and here’s the solution and we have compass versions and i would attach the download link directly down here MongoDB compass stable … and so we can follow through the course from here on with the version … for reference i would post down the picture
Thank you ^

I too have the same issue. I have installed stable version only (downloaded from the link provided in the lab 1.1).

Hi @Atul_86401,

If you have downloaded the 1.18.0 (Stable) version of the compass you should be able to view the Schema tab. If you can’t see the schema tab in your compass, please share the screenshots.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

Hey @Shubham_13709

It worked there were some other issues IDK what. But after reinstalling it, it’s working fine now.