No reply to exam extension time request

Good morning, I have requested the hourly extension twice by e-mail as I am not a native English speaker, but a week has passed and I have not yet received a reply.
I sent 2 emails to as written in the guidelines.
Can you please check? Thank you.

Hi Alessandro. I searched the ticket database and didn’t find anything using a name search. Was your request sent under a different name perhaps?

Meanwhile, I will have someone from my team reach out to you about the extension. Thanks for getting in touch!

Hi Alessandro, we are sorry for your trouble with this. I couldn’t find the request either in our ticketing system, but I did find what I think is your account in our LMS. I believe you are planning to take the Node.js exam? Can you please try your request one more time to We will be glad to help you with this. Thank you.

Hi Bonny,
ok I sent an email to
I hope from this address they will respond to me.
thank you,

Hi Carol,
in the 2 emails I sent to, in the subject line there is my session id and my name, Faggiano Alessandro.
Kindly waiting to hear from you

good morning, are there any updates?

Hello Alessandro,
Thank you for the ticket. I have set up set the extra time for you in the system and sent you a reply with the details. Let us know if you need anything else. Best of luck on your exam!

Hello Bonny,
thank you very much!
I’ll let you know that today I received a ticket opening email also from for taking over the request made two weeks ago. Can you contact them and let them know that you have already solved it?
thanks again and have a nice day