No mongosh connection for delete labs

As title, trying to do the deleteOne and deleteMany labs but the labs don’t have a mongosh connection.

Your mongod should be up & running before you can connect with mongosh
Is your lab exercise done on your cluster which is on cloud or local installation
If it is your own sandbox cluster on cloud you need to connect to it using the connect string

This is a lab where it says there’s no need to install anything and it opens a tab with the instructions on the left hand side and a terminal on the right

Check your lab instructions and previous lessons
If you issue just mongosh it looks for locally running mongod
You need a connect string to connect to your Atlas mongodb

Hey @Alexandru_47292,

Thanks for reaching out to the MongoDB Community forums!

We have checked on our end and encountered the same issue with the labs. It seems that there is currently no connection established with the MongoDB Atlas cluster. Please allow us some time, and we will update you once it is resolved.

Thank you for your patience.


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