No action when drag fields to charts X/Y axis


I have set up the mongodb and mongodb charts on same host. Both mongodb and the chart WebUI work well. But there is a problem that always bothers me.

When I want to add a new chart, after loading the data source. I drag a field item to the chart X/Y axis, there is always no reaction on the X/Y axis(the field bar can’t stay there). Using sample mode sometimes helps, but not always. After waiting about 20minutes, the axis will start works, but still not very stable. Do you know why this happens and how to fix it?

Here is my environment
The system is a VM with 16 vcpu and 16G memories, with fedora 31installed.
The mongodb version is mongodb-org-4.2.8-1.el8.x86_64.
The chart version is 19.12.1.
In Mongo shell, show dbs shows the usage as 3.1G.


Hi @Hangbin_Liu - I haven’t seen that behaviour, but I’m not sure I fully understand it. Are you able to show any screenshots or GIFs demonstrating the issue?


Hi @tomhollander, sorry for the late reply. I updated mongodb to 4.4.0 recently and the issue just disappeared… Maybe there is some performance update on 4.4.0? I’m not sure, but I’m happy to not has this issue now. If I could reproduce it, I will post a GIF for you.


Hi @tomhollander, today I reproduced this issue and recorded a gif. Here is it


Would you like to help check why that happens and how to avoid it?


Thanks for recording the GIF. What OS and browser are you using?


I use fedora 31 and google-chrome-stable-84

Thanks. This would be a client-side issue (not related to MongoDB version) but I’ve never seen it before. A few more questions that may help us:

  • Do you see any errors in the dev console when the drop operation fails?
  • Do you have any browser extensions running?
  • Are you able to try with a different browser to see if the issue remains? (Yes we have tested with Chrome 84 and haven’t seen this issue, but this may still help narrow it down).


Thanks for your quick reply. It would be good to know the the server works well.
For the client side, as I said, it is not always reproducible. For your questions

  1. I didn’t see any error on chrome console when drop fails. It looks the browser didn’t recognise the drop.
  2. Yes, I have some extensions. But I still got the same issue when turn off all the extensions.
  3. I installed firefox and it works well. Then I close my chrome totally and only open one tab. the mongodb chart works then.

So I though it maybe because I opened chrome with too many tabs(20+) for a long time(a few days). Restart the browser may resolve the issue. I will see if it really works when I got this issue again.