Newbie, need help with basic data modeling, Q&A db

Hi guys

I need to create a Q&A db with the Q and A as separate entities (this is what I am thinking now, please feel free to suggest alternatives). Since this is a NoSQL DB what is the best way to correlate the records and how should I store them? Editing the Qs and As could happen frequently and keeping 2-3 previous versions of each will be needed.
Any pointers to primers and articles or even books that can educate me in this direction are more than welcome
Thank you

Update: of course I started googling and while I will be getting answers here I am reading
Update2: Ok it seems that the embedded documents is the way to go here, and not separate entities

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Hi @Last_Unicorn! Thanks for posting (and inadvertently answering) your question!

I’m glad that you found an answer and came back to share it here so that others may benefit too :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to come back and ask any additional questions as you’re composing your questions and answers via embedded documents!

Hi @yo_adrienne yes I will definitely have more Qs
Thanks for confirming that I got it right

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