New York MUG: Fast Track into MongoDB World '22 Hackathon

About this Event

New York MongoDB User Group is excited to announce its first user group meetup of 2022 on “May the 4th”. The meetup is being hosted to bring together the interested developers and MongoDB enthusiasts in the region, help fast-track them to our exciting MongoDB World Hackathon and share the plan for future events.

:scroll: The event will kick off with an introduction to the hackathon and the dataset, which will be followed by, a quick demo on how you can import and query the dataset to retrieve insightful information on the data.

:trophy: We will then host a quick challenge with some “exciting swag to win”!

:people_hugging: The event will close with some time for questions and networking :tropical_drink:

:timer_clock: In the meantime make sure you join the New York Group to introduce yourself and stay abreast with future meetups and discussions.


Time Topic
06:00 PM - 06:10 PM Meet and Greet
06:10 PM - 06:30 PM Virtual Vacation - Fun Game w/ swag to win!
06:30 PM - 07:00 PM MongoDB World Hackathon Introduction
07:00 PM - 07:10 PM Fast Track - Import the Dataset and Get Ready
07:10 PM - 07:20 PM Break - Working Time, Catchup and Q&A
07:20 PM - 07:40 PM Challenge w/ Prizes
07:40 PM - 08:00 PM Results, Questions and Thank Yous!


Event Type: Virtual
Event Link: Zoom - Video Conferencing URL
To RSVP - Sign in and then please click on the “✓ Going” link at the top of this event page if you plan to attend. The link should change to a green button if you are Going.



Michael Lynn

Principal Developer Advocate, MongoDB


Hello All,
We’re going to be offering some hands-on exercises and challenges. So, if you want to be prepared. It’d be good for you to have a few things in place:

  1. A MongoDB Atlas account and cluster. Sign up for free - spin up a free M0 instance if you don’t have one already. Read more here on how to get started with Atlas.
  2. Download and install MongoDB Compass.
  3. Watch the GDELT Information Live Stream learn about the GDELT data set - alive, dynamic news data set used as the theme for the MongoDB World Hackathon

Let us know if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing y’all next week!


Hello All,
Gentle reminder - the event begins in approx 4.5 hours!
We are excited to see you. Here’s the meeting link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

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