New to MongoDB : Is JavaScript used with MongoDB query Language?

I am trying to purchase a book and from the table of contents it appears as if one uses JavaScript as the programming language for MongoDB. I suppose MongoDB query Language is also used with JavaScript?

HI @Rei_Murray

Many languages can be used with MongoDB. Idiomatic drivers support conventions one would expect while using the drivers. The list of official and featured community drivers are listed here:

Many learning materials will use mongosh and this is essentially a javascript REPL environment so those examples look like/are javascript.

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Interesting. Glad to see it confirmed that the table of contents really is using JavaScript in the shell you mentioned.

But you say that MongoDB can be accessed by other languages. How could I learn just MongoDB Query Language and later learn a scripting language? Know of a book about MongoDB query Language?

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Covers a lot chapter 5 covers CRUD in mongosh, Ruby and Python.

This is written by some other members of the MonogoDB Champions program.

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Just curious about and wondering - what language do you prefer to use for MongoDB programming? The MongoDB/JavaScript language in the mongoDB shell? PHP? Python? Just mentioning a couple languages as examples for sake of clarity.