New post: Usjng Realm Flexible Sync in Your App – an iOS Tutorial

We recently announced the release of the Realm Flexible Sync preview – an opportunity for developers to take it for a spin and give us feedback. Realm Flexible Sync lets the developer provide queries to control exactly what the mobile app asks to sync, together with backend rules to ensure users can only access the data that they’re entitled to.

I’ve recently published an article showing how to add flexible sync to the RChat mobile app. It shows how to configure the Realm backend app, and then what code needs adding to the mobile app.

Hey Andrew,

Following up on this from your linked post:

Anyone can read any ChatMessage . Ideally, we’d restrict it to just members of the chat room, but permissions don’t currently support arrays—this is another feature that I’m keen to see added.

It looks like flexible permissions support arrays now. Would you be able to share how you might use them to implement these permissions for RChat?