New Guide: Migrate Your App from Stitch to Realm

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If you have an existing app built with the MongoDB Stitch SDKs, you should migrate your app to use the new Realm SDKs. While much of the logic and flow of information hasn’t changed, there are a few important changes in the way your app connects to the realm backend.

Our documentation team has put together a detailed guide on how to Migrate Your App from Stitch to Realm SDKs.

This includes:

If you have any feedback on guide documentation, you can share directly with the docs team via the “Give Feedback” button on the bottom right of any docs page (or comment on this forum topic).

If you have more specific questions about migrating or using a Realm SDK, you are probably best starting a new discussion topic including details of your environment (eg SDK version, code sample, expected results, actual results). For pointers to more resources, see: About the Realm SDKs category.


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