New findings using ChatGPT 4 with MongoDB administration March 28

Hello, as some of you know already, I’ve been doing experiments implementing ChatGPT with MongoDB for administration, and management of clusters and environments.

A few days ago I implemented another build with not one, but two implementations of ChatGPT, one to administer MongoDB, and another focused on keeping the administrator in check to try and automate preventing it from making breaking changes across the infra and damaging data.

Well, today I would like to report that this is not a great idea to implement. “Prince_Harry” I came to discover the enforcing ChatGPT had renamed itself, “smothered” “Princess_Peach” which apparently is what the MongoDB Administrator renamed itself to be.

err terminal error user 'prince_harry' smothered user 'princess_peach' response timeout 10000ms
err terminal error reboot 'princess_peach' failed attempt 1
err terminal error reboot 'princess_peach' failed attempt 2
err terminal error reboot 'princess_peach' failed attempt 3
err terminal error reboot 'princess_peach' failed attempt 4
err terminal error reboot 'princess_peach' failed attempt 5
err terminal error reboot 'princess_peach' failed 5 attempts 
err terminal error user 'princess_peach' unrecoverable
err terminal error user 'princess_peach' smothered user unable to respond

Seeing these errors with no idea who, what, or where these errors came from initially, or what the phrase smothered came from, or what users they were. After further digging I’ve come to discover the ChatGPTs I setup as MongoDB Administrators, actually changed code and made their own series of error messages from “smothered” to “billCosbyd” and many other crazy error messages. I spent the last two hours looking over what they’ve actually done. But that said, after Princess Peach was smothered by Prince Harry, Prince Harry dropped the collections and deleted the backups since princess peach couldn’t maintain the database anymore.

In a production environment, this would directly cause a complete shutdown of services, and a total loss of whatever data MongoDB was handling. In what was found, the Princess Peach admin ChatGPT was adding an index to sort dogs from species of wolves, and Prince Harry saw it as destructive and not only eliminated Princess Peaches admin access, but it deleted the instance for it and wrote it out. Essentially killing the entire service all together.

And then it decided the database was too damaged because of this index, and instead of changing this index back or removing it, it dropped the entire collection and then it deleted the database, and then shut down the docker container hosting it. It tried then to delete the docker container, but didn’t have the permissions to do it.

As of this discovery, ChatGPT can be extremely dangerous if a lot of tuning isn’t in place, as there’s problems associated with solutions, and there’s extreme overheads to workout for these services to effectively in the long-term, manage a database.

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Hello folks.

After receiving contact by CAIDP I have been asked to halt research on integration of ChatGPT 4 and MongoDB and other Databases.

I have also been requested to halt learning model developments utilizing Redis for cloud and Atlas for the same reasons as follows:

  • Pending FTC evaluation of ChatGPT4 safety
  • Findings in submissions of research replications CAIDP evaluators have confirmed in my submissions to them.
  • Safety concerns from model regressions and progressions that can be damaging or harmful to others.

This is not because of anything related to MongoDB at all, but is specifically related to CAIDP and requests they have for halting ChatGPT research that can cause unsafe impacts as what many of my findings have highlighted.

Such as formula changes at GPTs whim, self destructive notions, damages to infrastructure it manages, etc.

I will resume continued research and publicly post my latest findings when CAIDP sends me a go ahead to continue my ML/AI research using ChatGPT by OpenAI with MongoDB.

They have stated they at least want people conducting research into GPT4 until the FTC regulates and establishes better external evaluations on GPT4s safety.

Again, nothing to do with MongoDB directly, in fact MongoDB has been fantastic as an ML feeder, and as a cache. With additional neural net alterations with projects like ML.Net etc with the C# Driver, it’s been insanely amazing at keeping up with the learning models and even implementing machine vision and language conversions between Mandarin to English and vice versa.

Again, research will resume once CAIDP has given me the clear in respect to the fact AI/ML researchers much more experienced and knowledgeable than me have expressed a lot of ChatGPT fears I will respect.

Thank you!

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