Network speed still throttled after not sending requests for hours

I have been experimenting a little bit with mongoDB recently. For a program I am experimenting with I need to achieve write speeds of about 1mb per second for it to be usable. This was working fine until about 24 hours ago I sent a huge amount of data to my server very quickly (about 3.75mb per second) because of a bug in my code. This caused the network speed to throttle, as expected since I am using the free tier. However, a day later I still can not reach write speeds of above 100kbs. I am very confused as to why this is happening and would appreciate any advice or explanations.

Do not make speed and performance on free tier. It is completely useless. They are shared. So you have no control and no idea about what the others are doing with their own free tier that share the hardware with your free tier.

What ever the reason why you experiment this it is pointless because you are not supposed to use free tier for production.

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