Network Access of Mongo via IntelliJ

My IntelliJ fails to access, but using MongoDB Compass, I can access it. Any thoughts to help me out. I

Hi @Michael_von_Ruecker,

I’m not too familiar with IntelliJ but are you following any particular documentation on how to connect? For example : MongoDB | IntelliJ IDEA Documentation

It also appears the format appears the format you’ve specified doesn’t match the Connect String formats:

You can specify the MongoDB connection string using either:

Additionally, just to confirm, are you attempting to an Atlas cluster?


I’m unsure about the Atlas cluster:


I can access it using MDB Compas but not S3T. I tried to add my IntelliJ log file, but I was blocked in doing so.

I am using the DNS Seed List connection Format: ST3 fails,

I cannot send the S3T Details

The error itself and the message from Studio 3T indicates a DNS resolution failure - In particular it looks like a TXT lookup is failing. I’m not too familiar with Studio 3T itself but is it possible you can use the standard connection string format to see if you can connect? If it connects, then its most likely a DNS issue (although it’s strange since you’re able to connect using Compass from the same machine I assume) although again, I am not too familiar with Studio 3T and it’s inner workings.

I believe you can get the standard connection string format from the Atlas cluster connect modal. The only thing you’ll need to select is Compass and then version 1.11 or earlier when obtaining the connection string.

From my own environment it seems to resolve as per normal:

nslookup -type=txt

Non-authoritative answer:	text = "authSource=admin&replicaSet=atlas-b8iu73-shard-0"