.NET Driver 2.21.0 Released

.NET Driver Version 2.21.0 Release Notes

This is the general availability release for the 2.21.0 version of the driver.

The main new features in 2.21.0 include:

  • LINQ3 bug fixes and improvements
  • Atlas Search sort, tracking, score details options added
  • Atlas Search embeddedDocuments operator support
  • Atlas Search index mangement API added
  • Anonymous types added to default AllowedTypes in ObjectSerializer

Atlas Search minor breaking change

All Render methods in Atlas Search builders have a new signature:

Render(IBsonSerializer<TDocument> documentSerializer, IBsonSerializerRegistry serializerRegistry)

Changed to

Render(SearchDefinitionRenderContext<TDocument> renderContext)

The full list of issues resolved in this release is available at CSHARP JIRA project.

Documentation on the .NET driver can be found here.