.NET Driver 2.14.0 Released

.NET Driver Version 2.14.0 Release Notes

This is the general availability release for the 2.14.0 version of the driver.

The main new features in 2.14.0 include:

  • Added a new improved LINQ provider (known as LINQ3, see: LINQ3), which is available on an opt-in basis
  • The current LINQ provider (known as LINQ2) continues to be available and is still the default LINQ provider for this version
  • Support for Zstandard and Snappy on Linux and MacOS
  • Added connection storm avoidance features
  • Added KMIP support for client-side field level encryption (CSFLE)
  • Added srvMaxHosts URI option to limit the number of mongos nodes used in connecting to sharded clusters
  • Use “hello” command for monitoring if supported
  • Removed support for .NET Framework 4.5.2; minimum is now 4.7.2
  • Removed support for .NET Standard 1.5; minimum is now 2.0
  • Minimum server version is now MongoDB 3.6+

The full list of JIRA issues resolved in this release is available at:


Documentation on the .NET driver can be found at:

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what’s new in linq v3 in terms of syntax, queries? or is v3 just internal improvements