.net core, Apparent bug in driver for DeleteManyAsync method, throws MongoExecutionTimeoutException after 5 seconds

I was working with mongDB interface to azure cosmos and using the .net core driver.
Here if i execute:
await Collection.DeleteManyAsync(filter);
it throws an exception after approximately 5 seconds of type MongoDB.Driver.MongoExecutionTimeoutException

However if i instead manually make it async with:
await Task.Factory.StartNew(() => Collection.DeleteMany(filter)).ConfigureAwait(false);

it does as intended.
I tried specifying the SocketTimeout to amend initial problem, but depending on what documentation i find it is either non-existent per default (0) or 30 seconds (?) and anyway setting it to 10 minutes doesn’t change anything as exception is throw way before and again simply using the syncronous version avoid the problem so I suppose it is a bug or am i doing something wrong, could issue be with it being the Azure cloud abstraction solely?
Anybody else have experience with this or will take over reported issue so i won’t have to register as participant to fix it myself, in this splendid open source driver project= 0:-)

Thanks and Br,

Actually i just reproduced it also with the DeleteMany method and not just the DeleteManyAsync i’m afraid,
so it looks to be a general issue.

I’ve set socket timeout to be 10 minutes on the MongoDB Connection settings

Further down given feature release track, it seems running the code on the cloud keeping within the same region like the Mongo on Cosmos Db makes this situation much less frequent and it does only happen on delete operation.

Not super active community here :slight_smile: perhaps one should have a stab at finding/ fixing the problem in the github project instead of whining about it :smiley: not overflowing with suggestions at least, an entire week ago soon, nobody ?