.Net App crashes on call to: await Realm.GetInstanceAsync(config);


I have 2 MongoDB Sync apps. One is Android, the other .Net (WPF) Realm 10.0.0-Beta2
Development Mode is ON. All classes have Primary Keys ( _id), and _partition etc.
Schemas are flagged as Syncing OK with no errors on the Dashboard.

In the .Net App:
On starting, the .Net app connects, creates a Realm, which has all the Data Model fields, but crashes on call to:
await Realm.GetInstanceAsync(config);
Error: The program ‘[2612] Bookarama.exe’ has exited with code -1073740791 (0xc0000409).

That’s the first issue which I thought might be related to the following:

The data models include a class ‘ Zone ’ and a class ‘ Building
The Zone data model contains an IList

public IList Buildings { get; }

When I view the Realm created in RealmStudio, the list of buildings is shown as:

Zone_buildings (Embedded)

I would have expected (as Android seems to)


Starting the Android App gives errors:

Property Zone.buildings has been changed from array<Zone_buildings> to array Building>.

I have wiped the Android device and it still throws the error.
What to do?

@Richard_Fairall Are you able to share the schema on the client and cloud as well as any logs so we can investigate further?

Are you suggesting I send the AppId and Web URL?
I have emailed them, otherwise I don’t understand your request.

Hi Ian
Another day has passed. Any response would be welcome.

@Richard_Fairall Did you open a support ticket? Sorry I have a lot things to do so if you need immediate responses please go to support - that is what they are there for.

I thought you were support - that explains things.

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