Nested data class filters

I was using KMongo and I’m now migrating to the new Kotlin Official driver.
I have a document with an array of data classes, like so:

data class ListDto(
    @Contextual @SerialName("_id") val id: Id<ListDto> = ObjectId().toId(),
    @Contextual var userId: Id<UserDto>,
    var name: String,
    val categories: MutableList<CategoryDto> = mutableListOf(),
    var icon: String, // Single emoji at the moment
    var color: String // Represented as #RRGGBB hex color

data class CategoryDto(
    @Contextual @SerialName("_id") val id: Id<CategoryDto> = ObjectId().toId(),
    var name: String,
    var color: String // Represented as #010101 hex color

What I need to do is update a single property (for example the name) in one of the categories items, filtering via the id.

In Kmongo I was using

return col.findOneAndUpdate(
            and(ListDto::id eq listId, ListDto::userId eq userId, (ListDto::categories / CategoryDto::id) eq categoryId),

And in the set update operations I was using the positional operator matching
Right now I can’t seem to find the replacement for (ListDto::categories / CategoryDto::id) eq categoryId), how do I filter by the array elements properties?

Another thing is that it seems like the only way to specify position operators is via strings (, isn’t there any utility methods for it yet like in KMongo? Is something like ListDto::categories.allPosOp planned?