Need Urgent Help

I have configured 6.0.0 Ops manager and mongodb 6.0.0 Database in kubernetes in GKE everything is working well but i am not able to see data its saying “An error occurred while querying your MongoDB deployment. Please try again in a few minutes.”

Can anybody help

Hi @Piyush_Shailly1 and welcome to the community!
Can you try to:

  • Use another browser.
  • Restart Ops Manager Application.
  • Analyze the log.

If the problem persist contact the support.


@Fabio_Ramohitaj This didn’t worked I am running on On GKE Kubernetes cluster. And i have enterprise edition of 6.0.0. Myopsmanager pod and backup pod is restarted do i need to restart operator pod also ?? and how to connect with support

recieving this error 2023-11-05T18:08:05.352+0000 [JettyHttpPool-339] gid:6541e604c7a0374ab55d96f7 INFO com.xgen.svc.mms.res.filter.CheckRequiredUserRoleFilter [] - Failed authorization attempt for username=xyz, requiredRoles=[GROUP_DATA_ACCESS_ANY], ipAddress=

Check the Ops Manager user has the correct roles to use data explorer.

It seems there might be configuration issues. Check MongoDB logs, GKE connectivity, and query performance. Ensure Ops Manager aligns with your GKE setup.

thank you, for the info