Need to uninstall .tgz tarball-based installation of Mongo 5.0

I tried to use Mongo 5.0 by doing a tarball installation before finding out it wouldn’t work since my CPU is Nehalem microarchitecture (1st generation).

Now I want to uninstall the .tgz based installation, but I can’t find out how to do that on your web site. Where is it? How to uninstall .tgz installation?

Hi @Sam_Quinn,

The tarball approach is a manual install, so to uninstall you would undo the installation steps you followed:

  • Shutdown the mongod process (if running)
  • Remove any directories you created for MongoDB data or log files
  • Remove any symlinks or changes to your PATH (if you took this optional step when installing)
  • Remove the directory where you unpacked the MongoDB server tgz archive
  • (optional) Uninstall any unused dependencies (eg sudo apt-get remove ... on Ubuntu)

The dependencies for MongoDB (libraries for SSL, cURL, and LZMA compression) are typically shared by other applications so I would be cautious on that last step. Your package manager will warn if you are trying to remove a dependency that has been declared by another installed package, but will not be aware of requirements for tarball installations because manual installs bypass the package manager.


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