Need support for MongoDB Go migration

About me I’m a backend developer working for Dell technologies , For our product we are currently using the globalsign package , But we are planning to migrate the mongoDB code to mongo package - - Go Packages (go mongo driver) since globalsign doesn’t have the support for mongo 5.X as mentioned in the documentation .

MongoDB 4.0 is currently experimental - we would happily accept PRs to help improve support!


  1. Is there any workaround so that we can continue using the globalsign package for mongo version 5.X
  2. If no workarounds , is there any document that helps in migrating the code from globalsing to official go mongo driver ?

Any inputs will be of great help for us , We are having a hard time migrating the session to the client as per the official go mongo driver.

Welcome to the MongoDB community @karthick_d !

I don’t know what the gaps are in terms of mgo support for modern MongoDB versions, but since the last release was more than 4 years ago (predating all current non-EOL versions of MongoDB server), the least risky path would be moving to the official MongoDB Go driver. You could test mgo to see if there are any obvious discoverable issues with your application and MongoDB 5.0, but if you encounter any problems there are unfortunately no active maintainers to help investigate and resolve.

There is a Go Migration Guide and usage examples in the Go Driver Documentation that may be helpful.

You can also post specific questions in the community forums (I recommend tagging with golang for visibility) or search past golang discussions in the Drivers & ODMs category.


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