Need some expertise with Mongoose and Mongo DB

Hi all I am a newbie to the MERN stack and I am stuck and all the document reading is not helping me solve this. Can some expert either push me in the right direction or help solve my problem.

Problem : -My react implementation is passing data to the NODEjs backend as follows

  { Group1: [ 'player1name', 'player2name ] },
  { Group2: [ 'player3name', 'player4name' ] }

This is after doing logic and transformation at the front end.

My mongo schema looks like this

const tournamentSchema = new Schema({
    TournamentName: { type: String, required: true },
    TournamentFormat: { type: String },
    TournamentNumberOfPlayers: {type: Number},
    TournamentNumberOfGroupsAndTeams: { type: Number },
    TournamentStartDate: { type: Date, default: },
    TournamentEndDate: { type: Date, default: },
    TournamentNumberOfWeeks: { type: Number },
    TournamentActive : { type: String },
    TournamentAuction: { type: String },
    TournamentSchedulingLogic: { type: String },
    TournamentNumberOfRounds: { type: String },
    TournamentTeams: { type: Array, default: [] },
    TournamentGroups: { type: Array, default: [] },
    TournamentPlayers: { type: Array, default: [] },
    TournamentMatches: { type: Array, default: [] }

Its the TournamentPlayers field that I want to update. It has been defined as an array and my incoming data is also an array. So my thought was to do a findOneandupdate. The id of the document I am obtaining in node and passing it correctly to the findOneandupdate. however nothing happens. There is no error message be logged also for me to debug further.

Can someone help please? Is my schema incorrect or am I supposed to use some othr operation for this.