Need more close realm server in Asia

Hey everyone!
we are building software based on mongo realm service and we have another plan to build service using realm too.
but when we request to realm server using Graphql , it has some delay to response.
i think the reason is that realm server is located too far…
specifically in Korea! :slightly_smiling_face:
do you have any plan to deploy realm server near Asia?
because realm backend is our primary web development skill, we need your support :pleading_face:


Hi @Aiden_Choi ,

Right now the closest servers in Asia to you are in:

  • Mumbai ( ap-south-1 )
  • Singapore ( ap-southeast-1 )

You can check all Cloud Deployment Regions here.

You can request/vote on additional regions here - Realm: Top (68 ideas) – MongoDB Feedback Engine

Hope this helps!



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