Need help with the exam coupon code

Hello @Lieke_Boon

I have completed my mongodb developer learning path. How can I get my exam coupon code ?. Also want to know the exam dates available are from 7-11 jan if I have the code can I use it later when new dates are available?(Have attached the screenshot of completion in the dm msg)

Hi @Shivam_Pandey,

Thank you for your message! Congratulations on completing the learning path. Please send an email to the academia team (email address is mentioned on your MongoDB student profile page) for next steps.

You can use the code later in the year as well :slight_smile:

Good luck!


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Hi @Lieke_Boon,

I have sent the mail for the coupon code but have not recieved any reply regarding the same. Just wanted to know if this is the right email and if there is some other way to contact for the same.

Thank you

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