Need help with Inventory of different items / equipment

So, I am confused about this. I am trying to create a database of different items per character. Each character could have an inventory of Weapons, Items, and Equipment. I am struggling to find a way to have a list of items that conform to Realm. I would normally use a Polymorphic methodology with this, but I can’t figure out a way to handle this. Each item has a different set of attributes it can handle, but when I try to think through a way of doing this in Realm I just keep hitting a wall.

What I have so far is a Weapon and a Character class, this character class has an attribute “inventory” of type ???. I was thinking of adding just the Item ID and the Type and then querying the different tables for the respective items. Is this a correct way of thinking of this? Also, once I go attaching the items to the characters’ equipment, I guess I would need to do the same thing. I actually think I solved it while typing this, but I want to know what other people’s opinions are on this.

Thanks ahead of time!