Need help to link Tableau and Mongo DB Atlas, OK to pay for it

everyrthing is in the title.
I’m stuck to be able to connect my cloud Atlas MongoDB to Tableau online to have a direct access.

If someone can help me, I can pay for this service.
Kind regards

Did you get the help you’re looking for? did you see ?

Greetings @antoine_Adam and welcome to the MongoDB Community. I am the product manager for Atlas SQL, the feature that allows one to connect from BI tools, such as Tableau, to MongoDB Atlas. We have an Atlas SQL Tableau Connector that is supported with Tableau Desktop, Server and Prep. We are currently working with Tableau to get this functionality working within Tableau Cloud. I will update you within the next week after I meet with Tableau to give you an estimate as to when this will be available.

Are you able to use Tableau Desktop in the interim?