Need help about Database

Heyy, I had connected my MongoDB Collection to store data of my discord bot but from last 10 days it’s acting weird. Weird in the sense, when I update any data after few hours later it roll back to that position what was 10 days ago. Data is updating but for only few hours. I’d verified my code there isn’t error from my side. My users had lost their records.

I’d personally verified that when I got feedback from my users! For example I have a key which store no. of commands used yesterday it was 13490 but today it rolled back to 10489 which was 10 days ago. The problem is with every document. Nothing get updated for long time. After few time it rolled back to that position what was around 10 days ago.

How do you expect anyone to answer this question with little to no context? All we know is that your DB is rolling back. What queries are you running etc…