My database doesn't showing up, when I connect by compass

One beautiful day, I connect my database by compass, connect success, but it’s doesn’t showing up my database

Can you see your db from shell?
Where is your db hosted? Local or on cloud

What connect string are you using?

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@Tan_Vu is this an Atlas M0/M2/M5 cluster?

If yes, it’s a known issue. We are going to release a fix soon. A temporary workaround is to give the user you are using in Compass the built-in read and write to any database role.

Yes, I can see my db from shell.
My db on cloud.
I using mongodb+srv.

How can I know Atlas M0/M2/M5 cluster?

How did you create your cluster?You might have been asked about serverless,dedicated,shared options
You can know it from your Atlas account
After login to your Atlas under cluster tier you can see your cluster type

@Massimiliano_Marcon he said: he known the issue, maybe related to an Atlas M0/M2/M5 cluster.