Multiple proxy setup

Hey guys, I have the following challenge to solve. I work for a big corporate. when I do remote work I have two proxy server running. I also have an additional container running to make tunnel connection to my mongodb databse in the cloud. I can connect via the Compass App Cli to my database. Now i wanna achieve the same with my python code to manipulate the data. But I found poor documentation on how to do it when you 1+ proxy running. Do you guys maybe face a similiar challenge or have recommendations where to look at to solve this challenge ?

Hey @Eike_Struckmeier - welcome to the MongoDB community!

I guess I’m struggling to understand exactly what your issue is - if you can connect with a connection string in Compass, that connection string should also work from your Python code.

Can you give me a better idea of (a) what’s different between where Compass is running and where your Python code is running, and (b) what error you’re seeing in your Python code. The more detail you can provide the better.


I get a timeout since the database is not reachable.

It has something to do with socks5 proxy i have to use to make my tunnel connection with ssh.