Multiple Change Streams for Single Collection

Hi, I wanted to know if we can open multiple Change Streams (independent of each other) for a single collection? The use case is -

Collection has some transactional data.
Open a single Change Stream for every use case (work to be done) on every change in the collection.

A simple example (very stupid maybe) - collection has documents with amount of cash for every user. (1 doc per user)

  1. Use case 1 - listen to collection, calculate total sum on every update (save it somewhere else, cache the answer) (service 1 reading this)
  2. Use case 2 - listen to collection, calculate average and store is somewhere else. (service 2 reading this)

I need both (or more) change streams for the same collection, and i need them to work independently.

If not possible, should I make a single Change Stream and push the changes into service specific queues 1 for each?