Multi-user multi-system mongoDB Compass Community simultaneous connections

I have established the mongoDB logs and data directories on our CIFS, network file share, on a virtual machine on our netapp, which I access from my local machine. These directories are located on this server for security purposes.

Since, I have setup another user on their local machine to access the DB using mongoDB Compass Community, but when we both attempt to connect, i.e. start the mongoDB service, we are not able to do so simultaneously.

Is it possible for more than 1 user to have a MongoDB Server service in the Running status? I’d like 2-n users to be able to connect to the same data.

Data files are exclusively opened by a single mongod process.

You should have a single MongoDB deployment which multiple remote users can connect to. The mongod process is multi-threaded and supports tens of thousands of concurrent connections (subject to resource availability and workload).

For more information on securing this service, please see the Security Checklist in the MongoDB manual.