Multi Cloud Auto Scaling

Does mongodb atlas multi cloud cluster support auto scaling? the doc link says no but i am able to configure it in the UI?

Can someone pls confirm if this is just a stale documentation or do we reallly dont have the support for autoscaling in a multi cloud cluster?

Hi @Chetan_Dharma,

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I believe that auto-scaling for multi-cloud clusters is now supported. Please check out the Atlas Changelog (refer to 17 February 2021 section).

It appears the note on the documentation may need to be updated.



Thanks @Jason_Tran . That was super quick and an awesome feature indeed.
I am setting it up for a project and i will keep the thread updated on the progress.

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No worries @Chetan_Dharma. I would recommend If you encounter any issues to open / click on the chat bubble on the Atlas UI (located at the bottom right hand corner) and contact one of the chat support agents.

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