MUG Nairobi: MongoDB Mini Workshop in Chuka University

Join us at Chuka University for an afternoon mini-workshop filled with exploration of MongoDB Technology. You will get to set up Atlas, Cloud DBaaS for MongoDB. Opportunities are available on MongoDB Technology, network, and cheat sheets.

Get your laptop ready and join the experts in these afternoon filled with fun and learning.


  • Introductions
  • MongoDB Overview
    • Documents: The Records in a Document Database
    • Collections: Grouping Documents
    • Replica Sets: Ensuring High Availability
    • Sharding: Scalability to Handle Massive Data Growth
    • Indexes: Improving Query Speed
    • Aggregation Pipelines: Fast Data Flows
    • Programming Languages: Does MongoDB Speak Your Language?
    • MongoDB Cloud
  • Roundtable (Opportunities)
  • Networking

Key Benefits

  • Exclusive Knowledge
  • Networking
  • Career
  • Skills

This community is for MongoDB users, data scientists/analysts, AI, IoT, backend developers, ML developers, cloud computing, and anyone interested in emerging data technologies. MongoDB community is where the world’s fastest-growing data community comes to connect, explore, and learn.

Welcome to the MongoDB community, Come to learn, and stay to connect.

We will have swag, pizza, wine, juice, beer, and great conversations! We are excited to see you all soon!


Event Type: In-Person
:world_map: Location - Chuka University
:point_right:RSVP here: See MongoDB Community Mini Workshop in Chuka at MongoDB Nairobi, Kenya

Speaker and Moderator

Michael Kimathi

Entrepreneur and Developer Community Expert

He connects people to solutions that empower them to realize their highest potential and as a result, this has produced professionals and scalable businesses. In his free time, you will find him leading the developer community. His name is Michael Kimathi and this is his life purpose. Entrepreneur in Music and Technology. Driven by the purpose and love of people. Experienced Leader, Founder, and Co-Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in agile, product manager, research, developer community, agile frameworks, team and collaboration tools, strategy, ecosystem builder, databases, mobile applications, web design, and web apps. A strong business development professional. He is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry as a consulting entrepreneur. He is a professional Agile expert with a track record in product management, strategy, and agile frameworks. He has developed a strong interest in the Entertainment industry which as a result has helped his journey in understanding music and appreciating the larger entertainment ecosystem. This has given him an edge in team development and management while focused on all aspects of solution building. He has learned and continues to learn the tools and strategies that are required to produce results in the computing and entertainment industry.


Hey Micheal. I, unfortunately, will not be able to attend this workshop in Chuka, due to logistics constraints. When are you guys planning on having an event in Nairobi? I’d love to attend.