Morphia 2.2 is out now with explicit Kotlin support

Morphia 2.2 has been released with 50+ fixes including new explicit support for Kotlin data classes and delegated properties. There’s a wide range of fixes and features in this so if you’re a user or considering, do take a look. This release continues to refine and enhance the API and sets up the likely promotion of the ‘experimental’ packages in to fixed/final APIs. If you’re using 2.x, I’d encourage you to move to 2.2.0 and help make sure these APIs are what we want before they’re locked in. There have been some tweaks and I think they’re likely in a good long-term state. So if you want to weigh in on that subject, now is the time.

The Kotlin support is not terribly wide ranging at this point but does fix a few pain points. Going forward, I can see extension functions being provided, e.g., to make Morphia even easier to use in your Kotlin applications.

Full documentation can be found at the project site at As always, if you have questions or run in to issues, please don’t hesitate to file an issue on the github project page.

Full release notes:

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